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Choose whitening strips that will lighten teeth discolourations up to 7 tones in just 7 days!

WHITIFY teeth whitening strips are a quick and easy way to make your teeth brilliantly white. 1 package is enough for 14 days and takes only 5 simple steps to get a beautiful smile.

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The strips effectively whiten teeth thanks to the active substance that is often used by professional dentists. This is caustic soda, i.e. sodium hydroxide. It has strong whitening properties and does not damage the enamel as well as its surface. But that is not everything. WHITIFY Strips contain one more amazing ingredient that enhances the whitening properties of caustic soda. Namely, sodium bicarbonate. A well-known natural ingredient that safely boosts teeth whitening. This combination will whiten your teeth by 7 tones in just 7 days and by 14 tones in 14 days!

Enjoy white teeth with WHITIFY Strips!

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WHITIFY Strips are an investment in yourself! Thanks to snow-white teeth, you will feel better about yourself. You will become more self-confident than before. You will overcome your fear of going on a date with a stranger. You will stop being ashamed of your smile at corporate events. You will conquer the world and inspire others with your optimism!

Your success with whitening strips is guaranteed because:

  • they're safe
  • have a pleasant, minty flavour
  • they work fast and are extremely effective
  • impressive results are visible in just 2 weeks!
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The whitening kit contains 28 strips.

Two for each day. 1 strip on the top and 1 strip on the bottom teeth. Follow 5 simple steps for 30 minutes a day.


The use of WHITIFY Strips is a child's play. Follow 5 easy steps to put on the strips and keep them on your teeth for 30 minutes, during which you can do anything you want.

  • Tear open the package and remove the soft strip from the foil bag.
  • Place the lower strip on your teeth, aligning its gel side with the gum edge. Gently press it and fix the strip with your fingers. It must fit snugly against the teeth.
  • Place the second strip equally neatly on the upper teeth.
  • Start the timer for 30 minutes. During this time, do not eat or drink anything. It's best to relax with a book or your favourite movie.
  • Gently peel off the strips. Rinse your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth thoroughly to remove any gel residue.

Now you can enjoy the fantastic results!

Look in the mirror and see how your smile changes every day!

Each kit contains a teeth shade guide. There are 20 tones, thanks to which you will assess the initial colour of your teeth. You can compare the changes each day during your whitening treatment.

Safe payment and fast shipping

Your privacy is our priority. We do not share your data with anyone. The parcel will be delivered to you via a reputable courier company in a discreet box that does not reveal its contents. The ordered goods will be sent to you within 1 business day, directly to the address provided by you.

Opinions of satisfied users


Like most people, I am afraid of the dentist. And since I smoke cigarettes, my teeth sometimes require professional whitening. Fortunately, my problem is over since I have been using the WHITIFY whitening strips. As soon as my teeth no longer look good, I put on the strips. By the way, I saved a little on my dental appointments :)


I lived some time in Italy with my friend. We tested all possible wines from the price range available to us. After six months it turned out that my teeth were... well, dirty to say the least;) Discolourations from wine disgusted me every day in the mirror. The same friend with whom I drank the wines recommended me the whitening strips. I found Whitify on the internet. So I bought it. After 14 days, my teeth according to the shade guide were at level 9! Awesome results in such a short period of time!


I've always had a problem with yellowed teeth. Girls don't like it, so I couldn't go on dates. I was ashamed to smile at people. Girls don't like that either. So I decided to do something about it. I found the whitening strips online. I've been looking for the perfect ones for a long time. I finally ordered Whitify and I am pleasantly surprised with it. I don't have a perfect white smile, but at least I don't have yellow teeth anymore! I really recommend it to everyone!


I used to think that only a dentist can whiten my teeth. A beautician maybe? But I have never made up my mind because I was afraid that I would spend a fortune on it and then I would not be able to maintain the white diet and all the results would be wasted. But when I discovered WHITIFY Strips online, I decided to take the risk. I ordered it for a trial and since then I have been using only these strips! Of course, it's not like I whitened my teeth for 14 days and that is it for the rest of my life. But these strips are definitely better than expensive dentist treatments. The results surpassed all my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend the product.


This should not happen. Whitify has been designed to provide you with a white smile without making your teeth hypersensitive. Keep in mind that everyone is different and some people may feel a little uncomfortable. It is normal.
Yes! Whitify effectively helps get rid of all discolourations.
Whitify can handle slight and medium discolourations caused by tetracyclines. However, we do not recommend using the product with heavy tetracycline discolourations.
Ingredients: Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Aqua, Sodium Bicarbonate, Carbomer, Cellulose Gum, PVP, Menthol, Sodium Hydroxide.
The strips should always be used on clean teeth. First, apply the lower strip with the gel side on your teeth. Do the same with the upper one. Aligning them with the gum line with your fingers. Keep them on for 30 minutes. Then gently remove the strips and brush your teeth. Rinse them well with warm water to remove any gel residue. That is it!
One package contains 28 strips, which is enough for 14 days of use. During this time, you should get your teeth 10-14 tones whiter. However, it all depends on personal predispositions. Some people are more prone to discolourations, others less so. Depending on the initial colour, you can whiten your teeth by a few tones.
It all depends on your body's disposition. For some, the results will last for several months, while for others even longer. Order a starter pack to try it out. You can always buy it again.
Unfortunately, no. Whitify does not whiten dental crowns.
No, we do not recommend it.
Yes, you should wash your teeth after each time you use Whitify.
Your privacy is our top priority. The product is packed in an ordinary box, which does not reveal its content. The ordered goods will be delivered directly to your address.
We process orders within 24h during working days. The parcel will be delivered to you via a reputable courier company.
Yes, however, this payment method is only available in selected countries.
Yes, we ship our products worldwide.


  • pleasant mint flavour
  • without visiting the dentist
  • no irritated gums and tooth sensitivity
  • without spending a small fortune
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